NFL Uk Franchise?

So in November I went down to Wembley to watch the Cowboys demolish the Jaguars 🙂  With another 3 games announced for next season and the continued talk about a UK Franchise I had a little think about it and had an idea of a UK Team rather than a team based in Wembley I […]

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Football CRM

So when I stated the idea of blogging one of the topics that I wanted to cover was a football (or any sports) CRM. So I’m talking everything from scouting players so when the next time the grass is due to be cut on the training pitch. Now I’m not going to lie my hopes […]

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Is CRM an art form?

Blogging? Me! Who would have thought? I’ve held off for so long from blogging; purely for the fact that I prefer to vent my anger in under 140 characters, a la Twitter, anyone? But the time has come, and I feel that there are far too many ideas and/or craziness bouncing around my head. I […]

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